An unexpected charity donation. A hand-grenade.

2 September 2020 By Paul Martin

The bomb disposal unit closed off the road and evacuated nearby shops before taking the grenade away.

Shocked Oxfam volunteers at the shop, in Otley, West Yorkshire, say the discovered it when volunteers were combing through an unexpectedly large amount of donations.  These had mounted up because people were getting rid of old items in response to the Coronavirus crisis.

A spokesman for the charity said it was unclear whether the grenade was live and still potentially explosive. He said it may have been defused or it may merely have been a replica. 

But, he told Third Sector: “It certainly did look very real.” However it seems to have been a World War One relic.

It’s not the first time ammunition has been found at a charity shop. 

In 2017, a grenade was donated to a shop run by the deaf-blind charity Sense in south-east London, which also led to the premises being evacuated.

Many charity shops have been inundated with donations, Third Sector reported, after people took the opportunity to clear out their homes during lockdown.  The Charity Retail Association warned that shops faced the “double whammy” of a “deluge” of donations and reduced workforce as they began to reopen. 

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