The technique of guilt-by-juxtaposition. How film-makers can mislead by running video or still pictures as an unrelated point is made in a voice-over.

9 September 2020 By Paul Martin

This is a trailer to a 2-hour supposedly revelatory factual documentary that “has the potential to turn a dark chapter in history inside out”, about a coup run by the CIA and MI6 in Iran in 1953.

At 1 minutes 15 seconds the only person who disagrees with the film-maker’s obsessively one-sided thesis, is shown laughing inanely.

Then, immediately, comes an American voice saying: ” The coup in Iran is shaping politics to this day.” That’s where President Trump walks along with Saudi or Gulf leaders, as the voice-over continues: “The United States does not want democracy.”

Yes, guilt by juxtaposition.

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