The son of convicted Lockerbie murderer still believes he can clear his father’s name.

16 January 2021 By Paul Martin

Ali Megrahi has expressed ‘deep disappointment and shock’ at the Scottish appeals court ruling, which refused to overturn his father’s conviction for the Lockerbie bombing.

He told Correspondent.World through his lawyer that he is to launch an appeal to the UK Supreme Court within the next two weeks. He still believes he can clear his dead father’s name.

Abdelbaset Megrahi died in 2012 from cancer, more than two years after he was released from a Scottish jail on compassionate grounds and in a deal in which Libya paid compensation to the victims’ families.

The Scottish Appeal Court building.

His son Ali, who brought the appeal case, is also demanding that the UK government release files on the case that are still kept secret — decades after the crime took place.

Megrahi said his family were left “heart -broken” by the decision of the Scottish court.

“Our journey is not over,” he said today. “Libya has suffered enough, as has our family, for the crime of Lockerbie. We remain determined to fight for justice.”

Megrahi added: “God willing, I will visit my father’s grave one day to tell him that justice was done and that I fulfilled my promise to clear your name and clear Libya’s name.”

Reputed to work for Libyan intelligence, Abdelbaset Megrahi was jailed for life for mass murder, but was set free in 2009 when suffering from terminal cancer.  Greeted in Libya as a national hero, he died more than two years later.

The lawyer acting for Megrahi’s son, Aamer Anwar, told Correspondent.World: “The family demand the release of secret evidence held by the UK Government, which they believe incriminates others such as Iran and the PFLP-GC, a Syrian-Palestinian group .”