The most dangerous longer-term threat to the world is not coronavirus. It’s nuclear war. The Americans have just achieved a nerve-jingling ‘advance’: a new way to drop a nuclear bomb.

9 June 2020 By Paul Martin

Slow-moving bomber planes carrying these heavy devices have transported them in dummy runs ever since.

Now, though, tests have proved it’s possible to drop a nuclear bomb from a fighter-plane, the F-15E, according to Sandia National Laboratories.

Sandia has announced the results of the bomb’s first flight trial. It confirmed that the B61-12 gravity bomb can be dropped by the primary fighter plane of the U.S. Air Force. These much faster and much more manoeuvrable planes make it far more difficult to be defended against by anti-aircraft batteries.

The bomb was designed in the early 1960s and has been in full production since 1968, but has undergone 12 upgrades.

The tests “worked, and worked well”, the statement said.

Knowing how difficult it will be to defend, an aggressive or rogue nation may feel it needs to strike first, and very widely, since it knows that the Americans now strike back very effectively and indefensibly.

On the other hand, if it knows it has little or no way to intercept a counter-strike, a rogue or ultra-aggressive nation could be strongly deterred from attacking in the first place.

And that hope of deterrence may be why the US Government has authorised this “leak” of information.

Either way, it’s a scenario too ghastly to contemplate.

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