The doomed flight. A tale of lies and deceit, both of which are still continuing, over what really happened to the Ukrainian jetliner destroyed in Iran.

10 January 2020 By Paul Martin

This claim needs to be scrutinised.

  1. Contrary to what the new Iranian confession professed, the plane did not suffer engine failure… as it would immediately have told ground control and as it turned back would have asked permission to land.
  2. Hence this is yet another lie. It is possible the plane was making some effort to turn around and head for the airfield from which it had taken off three minutes earlier. But that could only have happened after it was already struck by at least one of the two missiles that apparently hit it.
  3. As the plane was continuing on an upward path away from Teheran it could not have looked like an incoming cruise missile, or even an incoming plane.
  4. These factors lend themselves to an explanation still seems to be the one no news organisation or government has alleged|: that it was a deliberate attack intended to down a civilian airline.

It is clear too that the sudden admission that they shot it down came only after the Iranian authorities realised that they could not get away wiuth their previous lies.

Photographs of the heads of two missiles appeared on social media hours after the crash, pointing to the real story behind the Ukrainian airliner’s crash near Teheran airport, Iran.

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