ISIS sleeper cells in Europe ‘may contain supposedly dead suicide bombers’

26 March 2019 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin 

Security sources fear that ISIS, now it’s lost all its territory, will infiltrate Britain and other parts of Europe in sleeper cells, spearheaded by ‘dead’ fighters.  After ISIS put out fake videos of suicide bombers’ deaths, the security sources believe, these men would have avoided close monitoring by security services.

“We can already see online that ISIS wants to create sleeper cells in Europe,” Michael Murphy, Ireland’s former deputy head of military intelligence, told   “So it’s clear that they want to use all methods of deception now they’ve got no actual territory left to rule.

“By faking their own deaths they can reduce potential interest from the security or police services.”

ISIS already created sleeper cells in Mosul, Iraq’s second biggest city. After its fighters were expelled in 2017, many ‘sleepers’ were discovered and rooted out. That was achieved mainly because of local anti-ISIS militias forging close links with residents, according to local militia leader Faisal Jeber. He was in charge of a local force comprising 160 men.

Jeber believes many ISIS fighters are still ensconced in the huge swathe of unsearched territory lying in arid lands either side of the Euphrates River that runs along the Iraq-Syrian border.

“I have intelligence that they are preparing new violent activities to kick off in 8 to 12 months,” Jeber told MediaZones from Mosul.

Information on potentially violent pro-ISIS jihadis sheltering among the European Muslim population is very sketchy. “In Europe our security services are nothing like as plugged in to local Muslims, so would not get the same sort of leaks and info,” said Murphy.

One such back-from-the-grave infiltrator could be the infamous former nurse Khalid Kelly. Kelly supposedly died, aged 49, after carrying out an Islamic State suicide bombing in November 2016.     

Born in Ireland as Terence Kelly, he worked as an accident-and-emergency nurse in a London hospital within a stone’s-throw of the British Parliament, even though he had already become a hardline Islamist extremist.

(Staff from that same hospital, ironically, were first on the scene when an Islamist terrorist drove a van into pedestrians on a bridge over the River Thames near the British Parliament, and when other Islamist terrorists killed eight at a market near the same river.)

He had been converted from Catholicism to extreme Islam while he was jailed as a whiskey bootlegger in Saudi Arabia.

Kelly had lived with his wife and at least two children in Essex for several years, and claimed at the time, in an interview with MediaZones, that he and fellow-Muslims had the right to fight against the West in response to “criminal State repression by the West against true Muslims”. He said the world was divided into the Zone of Islam (Dar el Islam) and the Zone of War (Dar el Harb).  

Also known as “Taliban Terry” he went to Muslim countries to do “humanitarian” disaster relief, before going to ground back in Ireland.

He and another jihadi later hid in an apartment in north Dublin, but when police arrived to arrest them  they had already fled. One report said Kellly went to England to say good-bye to his wife and children.

He then headed to the ISIS Caliphate.

Kelly was a close associate of the Syrian-born London-based Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohamed Fostok, the al-Muhajiroun leader (now in a Lebanese jail) who infamously had dubbed the 9-11 bombers The Magnificent Nineteen and whose acolytes carried out several terrorist actions.

In 2016 a video of Kelly declaring he was about to die in a “martyrdom operation” against the enemy was put online by ISIS.  Just after Kelly’s chilling statement, the video shows a vehicle exploding in the distance

Kelly was recorded as saying: “Christianity as a religion is a fake.”  So, maybe, was his death.

British Islamist extremists have carried out several videoed suicide attacks. ISIS posted a video of a father-of-three from Crawley, west Sussex, who was dressed in a traditional ‘martyrdom’ white gown. He drove a truck towards the walls of a Syrian government prison in Aleppo, then exploded in a fireball. Chechen fighters then tried to burst into the prison using a captured tank, but were repulsed.

There is little doubt that this suicide bomber actually did die.

As ISIS fighters retreated and either died or surrendered, the men reportedly instructed their Isis wives to produce new babies and child fighters to continue the extremist struggle … if possible from the countries where they came from. 

“We will use our bodies to produce human bombs – our children.  They will continue and expand the fight,” just-captured ISIS women told reporters in Arabic. A Kurdish Syrian television station has even recorded one of them, standing and delivering her threats in the company of several other fully-veiled women who had just ‘surrendered’ to Kurdish forces near Baghuz, which finally fell last week.

They say their husbands told them to surrender so they can become factories for jihadis.

I heard recordings of women in the Al Hawl (Hol) camp backing up this claim. Al Hawl camp was where Shamima Begum was first held and first met British journalists.   

Terrified slightly-less-extreme ISIS brides talked about seeing tents in their camp deliberately burned down by hardline Isis women. They showed a burnt-out hut where, they said, a five-year-old child was burned to death.  “All these extreme women need to do is send their child to a tent with a cigarette lighter.  The child can set these things alight – they burn easily,” one woman is recorded as saying.

A German convert, speaking in English, added: ” Some of the women and I take turns to guard our tents all night.” She pleaded for her voice to be disguised in any broadcast or use on social media, otherwise she would be killed inside the camp.

Shamima Begum was later transferred to Roj Camp, which I was able to visit. In the Hawl camp she had received death threats – because she had exposed her face when speaking to British television and The Times.  These women believe it is sexually provocative for a female to uncover her face or any part of her body in public. 

The women also confirmed that a large number of their husbands had managed to flee into the desert, between various battles as the Caliphate shrunk in territory till the fall of Baghuz. 

It is believed by experts that many of the locals in areas ISIS had controlled, but are now in the hands of British and American allies, are sympathetic to Isis and will shelter them – till they can get out to their next battlefield, Europe.

A Dutch terrorist who also was a rapper, Marouane B., claimed to Dutch media outlets he was about to get killed in a virtually suicidal ISIS action against Syrian Kurdish fighters, then kept reappearing.  His last interview, done via social media, was in September 2018.

No-one knows if he is now alive or dead.

Dutch security services are investigating how Yago Riedijk, a 27-year-old who married the 15-year-old London-born girl bride Shamima Begum and fathered her three dead children, may have been involved in the terror plot to blow up a rock concert last August.  The young men plotting that atrocity came from the same town (Arnhem) as Riedijk.

It’s asserted by security services that the plotters got orders and advice from ISIS terrorists in Syria.  They had assembled automatic weapons and bombs, aiming to gun down concert-goings in a Paris-style massacre.  The rock concert went ahead after the arrests.