She is not the Queen. The BBC gets it wrong, right and wrong.

9 September 2022 By Paul Martin

As the new King, Charles III, and his wife were about to land in England on their way back from the Queen’s deathbed, the BBC blundered.

Sarah Montagu, long-time presenter of BBC radio’s World at One, the main midday new programme, referred to Charles’s wife as “the Queen”. Yet Queen Elizabeth II had declared that when Charles ascended the throne Camilla Parker-Bowles, as she was, would only become ‘Queen Consort’.

Later in the programme, without acknowledging her mistake, Montagu referred to Charles’ wife correctly as Queen Consort — then again mistakenly called her Queen.

There is a very significant difference between Queen and Queen Consort. Camilla married Charles even though the British royals are strictly forbidden from marrying divorcees, as Edward VIII found out. Also Charles and Camilla, his pre-marriage woman-friend, had had an adulterous affair from very early on in Charles’s marriage to Princess Diana.