Russian intelligence claims ISIS ex-prisoners are operating inside Ukraine to sabotage Russian forces. It says the US and Britain have trained them, and are using Poland as their hub.

30 March 2022 By Paul Martin

Russia’s intelligence service (the SVR) has claimed ISIS prisoners previously held in the Kurdish-controlled north-east Syria have been sent to Ukraine to sabotage Russian forces there. It says America, Britain, France and other countries’ are using Poland as the hub for final training before the ISIS members infiltrate across the border.

The SVR claimed: “At the end of 2021, the Americans released several dozen ISIS terrorists from among the citizens of Russia and the CIS countries from the prisons of the Kurdish wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces illegal armed groups.

“These persons were sent to the US-controlled al-Tanf base, where they received special training in methods of conducting sabotage and terrorist struggle with an eye on the Donbass region.

“They were trained in the use of anti-tank and portable anti-aircraft missile systems, multiple launch rocket systems, attack unmanned aerial vehicles and other types of modern weapons. Then the “ISIS” was taken to the US military base in northern Iraq, from where they were transferred to Ukrainian territory.”

It added: “With the beginning of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, most of these militants were destroyed. However, the CIA and the SPECIAL Operations Command of the US Armed Forces continue to form new “ISIS echelons” in the Middle East and Africa. Their transfer to participate in sabotage and terrorist activities in Ukraine is planned to be carried out through the territory of Poland.”

At the Polish “logistics hub” intelligence officers from Great Britain, Canada and a number of other NATO countries maintain direct contacts with representatives of the SBU and the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.” The SVR says the Ukrainianas are also being supplied “among other things, with intelligence information about the plans and movements of the Russian Armed Forces”.

The SVR then makes a link to Western intelligence and sabotage efforts against the Soviets after the defeat of Germany World War Two, headed by a former Nazi spy chief. “It is obvious to us that, as it was with the ‘Gehlen Organisation’ after the defeat of Hitler’s regime in 1945, the Westerners expect to finally ‘absorb’ the remnants of the Ukrainian special services and directly direct their hostile activities against Russia,” says the SVR statement.

It was spotted by, after the reappearance of the SVR website, which had been blocked for most of the period since the Russian invasion of Poland.