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25 October 2020 By Paul Martin

So we’ll publish the worst each day.

Here’s the latest.

Cressida Dick’s resignation as the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard) led to this utterance by the presenter of BBC London News at 10 30 pm on BBC-‘s main television channel (BBC-1) on 11th February 2022: “The search for her predecessor starts now.”


Here’s one we noticed earlier. Sunday 25th October:

Channel 4 News: “Latest figures show that the number of UK cases has risen by nineteen thousand seven hundred and ninety (19,790) in the last 24 hours,” declared the Channel 4 Newsreader.

Actually this is the daily number of people who have tested positive for Coronavirus. In fact it’s a DROP from the number of people who tested positive on previous days.


BBC NEWS is heading in the wrong direction: it seems it cannot tell its south from its east.

It showed three maps on screen revealing that a Liberian-registered tanker was situated south of a town on Britain’s Isle of Wight. In fact, as no fewer than three maps indicated, location of the ship was actually shown precisely east of that town.

[The crew had been forced into a self-protection cabin (known as a citadel) as seven stowaways, apparently intending to sneak into the UK, exhibited violent conduct.]

Other than being literally ill-directed, the report itself was not inaccurate – except that it showed how foolish it is to insist on making out that the reporter closest to the location of an event or incident knows best. The subtitles running below the reporting that was coming in from a clearly under-informed reporter was way in advance of what he was actually saying.

For example the reporter was saying there were reports that the incident was over, without givi8ng any details. but running under him were details such as that seven people were in detention after the use of “overwhelming force”. Much later in the ongoing report the new anchor ‘caught up’, but the news anchor did not say whether this fresh news came actually from BBC sources or was being reporting by the Press Association or, perhaps, a Hampshire Council press release or a Ministry of Defence press release.

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