Murdered in Munich fifty years ago. Why widows and family members of the Olympic team are planning to boycott the German commemoration. And what four modern Germans think.

21 August 2022 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin, Munich

Family members of the victims of the horrific Munich 1972 Olympics terror attack will boycott the 50th anniversary memorial event. 

The relatives claim they have been lied to and treated appallingly by the German government over decades.

Eleven Israeli athletes were killed in the horrendous attack at the 1972 Games – a terrorist outrage that left the world looking on aghast. 
Television cameras showed the spiral of disaster as it unfolded.

Now the widows, sons and daughters of those killed want compensation for their parents’ deaths “to show the Germans finally take responsibility” for bloodshed they could have prevented.

They say they have uncovered new evidence which shows that the German government launched a “shocking cover-up.”

They will boycott the event on September 5th.

 Senior politicians from around the world and top Olympic officials are likely to stay away too.

The relatives plan to fly to London instead to address a group inside Parliament.

““Fifty years of defamation, denial humiliation and lies are more than enough,” Ankie Spitzer and Ilana Romano, the widows of two of the Olympic team, wrote to the national and  regional governments.

Romano, who was 25 years old when her husband Yussefand ten others were murdered, condemned a new financial offer by the Germans. “They sent us to hell and now they’re offering a total of five million dollars for all of us.

“Shame on them.”

The Germans have offered the family more money but the families say the amounts are “an insult”.

She stressed the money was being demanded “as the only way the Germans can actually prove they regret their wrongdoings.”

German police met with Israeli security officers this week.

They still appear to be worried that there could be another spectacular attack.  — this time. against the 50th anniversary commemoration. 

Among the German blunders were:

*Letting live television pictures of security forces gathering on rooftops.  The terrorists had TV running live on the Olympic village rooms they had captured

*Not having sharpshooting weapons, just rifles

*Failing to coordinate their firing at an airport.  That gave the gunmen the chance to blow up or shoot up two parked helicopter filled with nine hostages — the other two had tried to resist the first hold-ups.

*Boasting for half an hour on TV that they had saved most of the hostages when they knew all were dead

*Refusing for decades to let victims’ families view the official files that detail a range of mess-ups and failures.

At the commemoration site, which lies between ther Athletes Village and the Stadium, Correspondent.World met two boys and two adult visitors.

Ben (14): I find it terrible, what has happened, it was also an attack against the nation of Israel because they were excluded from the games. They couldn’t take part anymore at the Olympic Games. It’s tragic.

No, Germany didn’t do enough to mark this occasion. But afterwards they took actions to prevent this from happening again.

Paul (12): I think it’s tragic. People died. Continuing after that was not acceptable. They create some special forces (to avoid this from happening again).

Wolfgang Grieshammer (73, Kempten): I believe it’s important to walk/move towards each other to overcome obstacles. That’s why it’s important to meet each other – independent of the amount of money – a meeting at eye-level to remember together and commemorate  the bad events.

For us Germans,  remembering is very important especially because of the bad things we did in the past.

Ruth Schindler (65):  I think it would be good if everyone took part at this event. And in that moment, the decision about the money, how much money, how much should be paid, should be left for later. It would be good if everyone could come together at this date and the discussions about the money could be left for later.

Wolfgang Grieshammer (73, Kempten): For us in Germany, there’s no event in history comparable to the holocaust. There’s nothing else. This was so extremely terrible because it was ordered by the state and so it’s unacceptable what Abbas said and Scholtz should have reacted faster. 

Relatives will shun Olympic terror event

  • Daily Mirror
  • 22 Aug 2022
Front page, 1972

RELATIVES of the victims of the Munich 1972 Olympics terror attack will boycott the 50th anniversary memorial event.

They insist they have been lied to and treated appallingly by the German government for decades.

Eleven Israeli athletes and officials were killed in the massacre by Palestinian terrorist group Black September.

Their loved ones want compensation “to show the Germans finally take responsibility” for deaths they could have thwarted.

Widows Ankie Spitzer and Ilana Romano said: “They sent us to hell and now they’re offering a total of five million dollars for all of us. Shame on them.”

Instead of attending the September 5 event, they will visit London to address a group inside Parliament.

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