Legacy of the Ceausescus.

29 December 2019 By Paul Martin

I stood there [photo above] wondering who could possibly still revere them enough, thirty years after their deaths, to pay such floral homage.

I was assured by Valentin Ceausescu, their only surviving offspring, that he never visits the grave. So who could it be?

I was to discover the answer on Christmas Day 2019 – exactly thirty years since the Romanian dictator and his wife had been shot dead. [I had been the first journalist to get to the scene of the execution – but that’s another story.]

At the double grave, I saw a motley assemblage of loyalists read out a proclamation, hold up placards and photographs of the Ceausescus, and give interviews to a few bored-looking local radio and television reporters.

Their general theme: life was not perfect under the Communists, but it was better than today.

It was also an opportunity to expound on conspiracy theories about the Soviets or the Americans or both being behind the Ceausescu regime’s overthrow.

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