Jesus ‘rises again’ in a bombed Sri Lankan church.

12 July 2022 By Paul Martin

The Cardinal of Colombo says Jesus Christ has risen again — in the church suicide-bombed by an Islamic extremist during an Easter service in 2019.

This time though, the blood on the statue in Negombo does not belong to any of the 120 murdered victims of the atrocity.

“The blood that spattered onto the statue was causing damage to the stone and eating its way into the statue,” said Cardinal ranjith in an exclsuive interview with Correspondent.World. “It has been treated and the places where the blood was removed are now deliuberately marked with red paint.”

The statue is back now in St Anthony’s Church in Negombo, a largely Catholic town 25 miles north of the capital, Colombo. As congregants gathered for an Easter Monday service in 2014, a suicide bomber strolled in and blew himself up, killing 114 people. The statue had been brought out to be carried through the church as the climax to the Easter service, which commemorates what Christians believe to be the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Christians comprise less than 6 percent of the total Sri Lankan population. The majority are Sinhalese Buddhists, with the Muslim community of around 12 percent. The mass-murdering ‘suicide-bombers’ at eight different locations were all Islamist extremists.