Introducing SportZones

16 July 2021 By Paul Martin

With meticulous attention to detail and personal interaction, SportZones provides owners of sporting events and rights-holders with the tools to drive forward sponsorship for their events. SportZones also works to secure the best possible coverage of the sport, projecting it as a desirable, exciting and motivational brand.

This in turn has a powerful effect on the value of the deals negotiated via SportZones with sponsors or advertisers for projection on television or media channels showing the sport. Uniquely, SportZones can also promote the sport itself and increase revenue streams through facilitating and even producing and directing content for the media and for television.

SportZones has a full range of international production partners – from individual producers or reporters to broadcast companies and corporations.  It is able to supervise or produce short ‘stings’, fast adverts for TV and radio, short features and documentaries, as well as social media campaigns and apps.

Its sister companies have been responsible for numerous special features and reportage for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV News, SVT (Sweden), ZDF (Germany), Arte (France and Germany),  RTE (Ireland) and many others.

SportZones is part of the MediaZones brand.MediaZones is a world-pioneering brand in which experts who have worked in the top echelons of  the media provide specialist advice, campaigns and marketing, for a variety of clients.  Other  services it provides  are in Law, Sport, and Reputation Management.



To project the sport properly, SportZones examines the current televisual and media footprint, then – after working with the client on its intentions and ambitions – find the best match of television and media to project its sport.


To gain the best sponsorship arrangements SportZones prioritises television deals with broadcasters whose profile best meets that of the potential sponsor(s). This in turn maximises revenue and longevity of sponsorship arrangements.


Via SportZones’s sister companies, which have had three decades of experience with international broadcasters of sport and documentaries, SportZones facilitates the creation of content around the sport, including features, news items and mini-documentaries for magazine programmes. It can also actually make the product via these sister companies.