Insistence on throat swabs threatened Britain’s own Covid testing programme, pharmacist alleges.

18 August 2021 By Paul Martin

For more than twenty weeks, England’s national health Service was instucting millions of its citizens to swab their throats and nostriols to test for Covid, yet their own medical staff were told not to bother with throat sawbs at all.

“Take your swab sample (nasal swab only),” reads an instruction on page 2 of a leaflet issued to NHS workers by NHS Test and Trace. It is called: “A Guide for … Staff: Self-Testing for Coronavirus using the Lateral Flow Test.”

It added: “This has been agreed by experts.”

“Since many of my pharmacy’s clients tell me it’s the throat swabbing that puts them off doing the tests at all, this is a glaring inconsistency that threatened the whole programme,” said Michael ….