“How I killed off an Isis man”, fixer reveals. Well, not really…

27 December 2018 By Paul Martin
By Aras Ali in Northern Syria. The man was on our side but we hated him. And we decided we had to kill him.

It all began when we played a game on the Internet where you get hundred players divided into teams of 4.

Two of my friends and I had banded together and – randomly – a fourth was allocated by the computer.

On chatting to 4th team-mate, it turned out he fully supported the ideas of Isis.

When he heard we were Muslims but of a much more moderate type than him, he launched into a tirade. He called us infidels – meeting according to his view we did not believe properly in God and would define him – no doubt was very serious after-life consequences

So we had to kill him off – after all, what objection would he have? We would be sending him to Paradise surely !!

We three were able to use the rules of the game to lay a trap.

He fell right into it and we smashed him to death – even though he was on our side.

Well it was only a game, but sometimes games have a great deal of reality within them.