Finally the National Health Service of Britain admits what has been reporting from within a week of the lockdown: the number of Covid-19 deaths each day is much higher than the government has said up to now.

5 April 2020 By Paul Martin

The figures supplied by the British government to the public underestimate the number of deaths caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the chief of the National Health Service admitted today in a public statement.

Professor Stephen Powis, the NHS national medical director, confirmed what has been exclusively reporting for more than a week.

He accepted that his figures only consisted of those who died of Covid-19 in hospitals after being tested.

Deaths taking place elsewhere would be reported, but only after a certain amount of time needed to collect the figures.

“The figures that we report from the NHS are the figures for this ( only ) in hospitals. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is able to report on those that take place in the community.

“I think it will only be in the days and weeks ahead as that data starts to come through from ONS,” he said.

He did not tell the country that the figures were already becoming available and if if correspondentworld could get them, why couldn’t he?

However has already obtained significant figures from the Office for National Statistics. These showed that the number of deaths reported through death certificate registration for the first fortnight till March 20 was at least 20% higher than the publicly announced figures.

The death toll to date issued by the NHS has just passed 4000 people.

If the same proportion of cases were not reported through the NHS system, it can be assumed that 800 more people have died so far.

Update— The truth of our revelations has come to national prominence again. At the government’s daily briefing on April 14, it was announced that the Office of National Statistics showed 3500 deaths in one week until the 3rd of of April had been attributed to covid.

This was at least 10% more than the national figures issued by the government. He said the ONS figures had included people who died in care homes – but he did not mention the likelihood that many deaths at home and in care homes would not have been attributed to the Covid virus in death certificates. The number of deaths he announced was 6000 more than there had been in the equivalent period last year.

It is not unreasonable to assume that at least some of those 2500 who apparently died that week from non-Covid illnesses beyond the normal expected death rate, were in fact unrecognised Covid cases.