EXCLUSIVE: Labour leader will not oppose any deal achieved between UK government and the European Union.

29 November 2020 By Paul Martin

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has revealed that Labour will not oppose any deal with the European Union over post-Brexit rules when the final result of the ongoing talks is brought to Parliament.

“We cannot vote against, because we do not want a no-deal, which would be far worse than any other scenario,” Starmer today told a webinar during his one-hour question-and-answer session.

Starmer said the decision on whether to vote in favour of a deal achieved by the government, or whether to abstain instead, would be taken in the light of the actual deal that was reached.

He explained that the party would be focused on what would get the United Kingdom  into the best position for the next government – which in four years time he hoped would be his own.

He said it would be an “absolutely huge” task to swing the next election to a Labour victory from what had been Labour’s “worst defeat since 1935″.

Starmer said the key to winning would be for the Labour party to move towards listening and acting on local concerns expressed at grassroots levels.

The Labour Party leader expressed delight that a new president would be in the White House from January 20.  He felt it would have a huge effect on international relations. 

In their Middle East activities, the Biden administration would, he said, adopt the more “progressive” approach of the US presidents who had preceded  President Trump. 

Sir Keir did not explain if he was referring to the Trump administration’s actions against Iran, or whether he was talking about the Palestinian-Israeli stalemate.