Publish and be dammed. Evidence that Correspondent.World was correct in its world scoop in Ukraine two days ago: The Kakhovka Dam wall WAS blasted by the Russians.

9 June 2023 By Paul Martin

Transcript of a conversation that Ukraine claims proves Russia blew up the Kakhovka dam:

Ukraine’s domestic security service (SBU) said on Friday it had intercepted a telephone call proving a Russian “sabotage group” blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric station and the dam in southern Ukraine.

A one-and-a-half minute audio clip on its Telegram channel of the alleged conversation featured two unidentified men. They appeared to be discussing the fallout from the disaster in Russian.

In the conversation the first speaker starts by saying: “News. Yesterday there was a video in the Telegram channel – a soldier was standing there, his face covered, in his uniform. And he says there is no flooding, that people are living normally. And behind him there is a window and you can see knee-deep water.”

The second speaker says: “It’s funny. Is it about the fact that the hydroelectric power plant was destroyed?”

The conversation continued:

Speaker one: Yeah. The main problem is that the hydropower plant cools their nuclear reactor. Speaker two: That’s fine. They did it to themselves. It’ll blow up and that’s it. Speaker one: So our guys did it. It’s not them, it’s ours. Speaker two: Really, it was ours? They said that the Khokhols [derogatory term for Ukrainians] blew it up. Speaker one: They didn’t blow it up. Our saboteur group is there. They wanted to cause fear with this dam. It did not go according to the plan. More than they planned. Speaker two: Yeah, well, naturally. It’s gonna be like Chornobyl, right? Speaker one: Built in the 1950s. It went down fast, it went down.

Reuters reports the SBU did not offer further details of the conversation or its participants. It said it had opened a criminal investigation into war crimes and “ecocide”.

“The invaders wanted to blackmail Ukraine by blowing up the dam and staged a man-made disaster in the south of our country,” it said in a statement.