Conservative win, Labour loss. But there is more to it…

13 December 2019 By Paul Martin

For the first time there are probably more working-class people who have voted Conservative than its usual rural and middle- to upper-income voters.

the Labour Party has lost its way in handing over power by hook or by crook to a ruthless (no pun intended) gang of manipulative hardline Marxists orTrotskyites.  

But even before this gang took over the Labour Party was making a grievous error in allowing one strong obsessive interest group to focus its annual party resolutions on one country, Israel, which is endangered by the 21 of its 23 Arab and Iranian neighbours who refuse even to recognise Israel’s right to exist and in 1948, 1967 and 1973 tried to eliminate its existence.  

The Labour Party should have had a strong wake-up call when in 2011 and then onwards the Arab world and Iran proved itself unable to establish any democracy, nor give equal rights to women and homosexuals … and to stop criminalising out-of-wedlock liaisons between men and women, and any such liaisons between man and man…  or to create any form of economic justice for most of its people, let alone freedom of the media and an independent court system and the elimination of female genital mutilation in several of those countries.  

Also Labour needs to express disgust about the massive internal killings between Arabs in Syria, Libya and Yemen rather than seek to blame ourselves for these mass abuses… need I go on?  

All the latter should have meant sensible Labour officials should have strongly advocated supporting, not punishing, the only democratic, equal-rights-for-women-and-homosexuals society in that whole blighted region. Even to demand a “two-state” solution” at THIS stage (when most of the Israelis’ neighbours are in chaos or in the midst of unstable dictatorships, esp. Syria, Lebanon and Iraq) is an unwarranted and foolsih and unjustified and, dare I say it, abhorrently racist intervention. 

An abject failure to do so is in that sense anti-Semitic (irrespective of any ‘definitions’) in that it unfairly picks out the one state available to a Jewish nation that has suffered two thousand years of persecution in Europe and in north Africa and the Middle East too.  That it culminated in the Jews of Europe being decimated from 11 and a half million to just six million is all the more  reason why Europeans should support the Jewish state, but it goes back a lot further and even deeper than that.

The Jewish experience in Europe has led to a small minority feeling overwhelming and objectively unverifiable ‘guilt’ over Israel and a desire to be seen as leaning over backwards to be accepted by non-Jews.  To explore this further would need a long discussion.  

In summary, the vast majority of Jews who feel so let down by Labour are those (the vast majority of those who have Jewish ethnicity) who feel AFFILIATED to Judaism and actually practise at least some of it.  Their views, as expressed e.g. by the Jewish Labour Movement, should be respected and addressed, not denigrated as some Jewish attempt to control or blackmail (shades of real old-fashioped anti-Semitic tropes?)

Just for interest you may like to see three points I made re the elections on my website:

1.       …the Conservatives needed to train their leader in not looking like an untrustworthy maverick prone to making racist or unwise statements.  Sure enough Johnson blundered with a live television interview in which he pocketed as phone picture shown to him by a television journalist.  He also looked silly with stunts like driving a bulldozer through a false wall that read – yes, you guessed it: – “Get Brexit done”.

2.       It should have attacked the Labour leader much more on its coterie of hard-left Marxists who have in effect hijacked what was until recently a moderate left-of-centre party with widespread electoral appeal.  Much more should have been made of the toxic mix of hard-left Momentum groupies, former Trotskyites who are his close advisers and the consequent exit of most of the moderate Labour Members of Parliament, harried and bullied by the hard left.

3.       There was very little benefit to the Conservatives in pointing out Labour’s slow and inadequate disciplinary procedures against anti-Semites.  Most of the voters really don’t care, and in any case the Jewish community in the UK is very small.  The more this issue came to the fore, the more likely it was that Labour would actually gain votes from the large number of Muslims who tend to make the same false equivalence of Jews with Zionists. 

4.       Far better would have been for the Conservatives to reveal more about the terrorist “friends” that Corbyn, during his decades of being an anti-Labour Party Labour MP, had cultivated.  That included the highly unpopular Irish republican Army leadership and his cosying up to failed dictatorships like that in oil-rich socialist Venezuela.

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