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She is not the Queen. The BBC gets it wrong, right and wrong.

9 September 2022 By Paul Martin

As the new King, Charles III, and his wife were about to land in England on their way back from the Queen’s deathbed, the BBC blundered. Sarah Montagu, long-time presenter of BBC radio’s World at One, the main midday new programme, referred to Charles’s wife as “the Queen”. Yet Queen Elizabeth II had declared that […]

Another alleged example of charity status being exploited. One man and his dog and his hubris.

10 June 2021 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin. Robin Page, who presented the BBC sheepdog trials programme One Man and His Dog, has been sacked from the Countryside Restoration Trust, a UK charity he founded. Trustees accused him of failing to observe standards of governance and damaging the charity’s reputation.  Page has hit back on his twitter account, calling the trustees ”a band of […]

A new drug may be key breakthrough in curing Covid. It’s said to have cured 29 of 30 moderate to serious COVID cases in days.

7 February 2021 By Paul Martin

Doctors in Tel Aviv have tested drugs that they say will stop the body killing itself in a terrible overreaction to a Covid virus invasion. British doctors say a large proportion of Covid deaths are caused by this body response. In a ‘huge breakthrough’ ,  Ichilov Hospital director Roni Gamzu said the research “gives us […]

Bugs in your gut, transplanted, can help reduce someone else’s cancer.

4 February 2021 By Paul Martin

For some cancer patients, a “poo transplant” could boost the positive effects of immunotherapy, a treatment designed to rally the immune system against cancer cells.  Not all cancer patients respond to immunotherapy drugs. For example, only about 40% of patients with advanced melanoma, a type of skin cancer, reap long-term benefit from the drugs, according to recent estimates. In trying […]