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Is it necessary to send small children home from school when one in a ‘bubble’ gets Covid? And the scandal of letting parents congregate outside schools and not properly social-distancing.

11 September 2020 By Paul Martin

Is it time for the UK government to get a dose of educational and medical reality? Why has the government made it compulsory to send even primary school children home if anyone in a school ‘bubble’ is shown to have coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Young children in Britain are being made to keep socially distant from each other at school. But in the Netherlands, schoolchildren are, literally and figuratively, much closer.

10 June 2020 By Paul Martin

In Dutch schools, for pupils under 12, there is no government requirement for social distancing between the children. In Britain, where Reception Classes and Year Six Classes began this week (June 11), there is.

Have the Dutch have got it right, and the British got it wrong?

EXCLUSIVE: Can God be blamed for the deaths of hundreds of Christians in Sri Lanka one year ago? Or for the mass murders of 9-11? Or for the Corona Virus death toll? A top Catholic cardinal gives us his interpretation.

20 April 2020 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin. God should not be made a “scapegoat” for the mass killings or suffering that occur in this world, says a leading Roman Catholic Cardinal. We should instead look to the failings of humans as the cause: especially those he claims are creating wars and conflict to fuel the purchase of weapons and […]