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Tennis: Game, set but no match for the Wimbledon losers.

30 December 2020 By Paul Martin

Originally published inThe Times, Tuesday July 08, 1986.  As at Rome’s Colosseum, Wimbledon’s centre court salutes only those of its gladiators who survive and conquer in their final encounters.A few All-England finalists return, hardened by past battles, andemerge triumphant. Most, though, receive an imperial thumbs-down andare doomed to oblivion in the history of tennis. Ivan Lendl […]

Heavier balls and greater guilt. Two Major changes, one golfing one racial, are underway in American golf.

13 November 2020 By Paul Martin

The controllers of the once-racially-segregated Augusta fairways are leaning over backwards to portray a new image. Once a bastion of racial bigotry, the club that hosts the US Masters is about to give an elderly black golfer a very special honour. And the golfing rule-makers are about to address another ill: they’re upset that most […]

Playing for high steaks. How two of the world’s greatest golfers got their teeth into the food they really wanted.

12 November 2020 By Paul Martin

As the world of sport resumes its greatest events after the Covid pandemic’s lockdowns, the most prestigious and quirky tournament in the Golfing World is currently underway – seven months later than usual: the US Masters at the Augusta National club in Georgia, USA. In golf, it seems, there’s a lot at steak! Great golfers […]