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She hung around at the US Supreme Court till death. Now there’s a towering liberal gap to be filled.

21 September 2020 By Paul Martin

US Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg resolutely stuck to her commitment to staying on for life. What’s more, the 87-year-old was delighted that the right-wing US administration was unable to cut her salary – even though she was on the extreme liberal wing of a court that makes key rulings on government actions. ______________________________________________________ […]

Shamima Begum wins an appeal to return to Britain for an attempt to win back her citizenship. I went to her detention camp in northern Syria, the first journalist to discover that her third baby was dying. Is Britain to blame for the baby’s death, and for Shamima Begum’s plight?

16 July 2020 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin. On Friday March 8 2019 I was in Kurdistan, having just crossed the Tigris River from Syria. We had just been inside the Roj Camp yesterday at lunch-time the previous day. There, Kurdish military forces were (and still are) holding hundreds of women who had been married to jihadi ISIS fighters or […]

By far the majority of British children will not go back to school till September. A top children’s doctor says the young people’s absence from school, and their parents’ fears, are causing far more harm than the ‘minimal’ risk that would come from their immediate return.

11 June 2020 By Paul Martin

A top British doctor specialising in infectious diseases in children has called for the return of all children to school immediately. She says the risks are minimal compared with the dangers to them in their continuing absence from the school environment. Meanwhile a recently published study from Ireland showed that six children who had Covid-19 […]

British government refuses to let grandparents hug their grandchildren – at least not yet.

12 May 2020 By Paul Martin

Britain’s health secretary Matt Hancock has dashed the hopes of millions of his country’s grandparents. ______________________________________________________ You don’t have access to this premium article. To view please purchase a premium subscription by clicking on a subscription link below. Premium Subscription This is a available at £9.99 per month ooo