Category: Media Blunders or Brilliance

The row over the media’s responsibilities continues. UK editors reject pleas to outlaw discrimination against ethnic and religious groups, says Press Gazette.

9 December 2020 By Paul Martin

Can the British media regulate itself, or should it be put under greater control? Here’s the Press Gazette’s take. Top editors have rejected calls to adopt a provision in the Editors’ Code of Practice banning discrimination against groups such as Muslims, Jews and migrant communities in the press. The Editors’ Code Committee (made up of […]

How unwell South African children found their voices — and others around the world. During the pandemic, they’re running their own internet radio station from a Cape Town hospital studio.

28 November 2020 By Paul Martin

RX Radio has given children the opportunity to voice their opinions and understand others By Luzuko Sonkapu. This article was submitted to the Media Monitoring Africa Isu Elihle Awards. I’m an 18-year-old with a chronic illness, spinal muscular atrophy, and at the start of lockdown in March it was better for me to move to […]

A coup against a coup? Top film gurus argue over allegations of the suppression of a film about MI6’s role in the overthrow of an Iranian leader.

8 November 2020 By Paul Martin

Lord Puttnam has stepped into a row to back an independent film-maker who has accused Brian Lapping and Norma Percy, two top names in British investigative filmed journalism, of “blocking” his documentary —  about Britain’s role in a coup that overthrew the leader of Iran in 1953.  Lapping and Percy vehemently deny the allegation and have […]

Portrayers of a coup in Iran were accused of inserting a false narrative. Now the film has been withdrawn. But the plot thickens.

13 October 2020 By Paul Martin

 Taghi Amirani, presenter and producer of Coup 53, a two-hour feature documentary about the British role in the 1953 Iranian coup d’etat, has suddenly withdrawn it from digital circulation, after its main investigative claims were publicly rejected by the producers of the 1985 television series End of Empire.

Why cares about an apparently false claim of a filmed interview that never existed.

8 September 2020 By Paul Martin

The controversy over a filmed interview-that-never-was had been first uncovered in, and then in the esteeemed journalists’ specialist website The Press Gazette. Its headline and story is here: Granada producers hit back over censorship claims made in … › granada-producers-hit-back-over-c… A series of further revelations has followed in, and a number of heavyweight producers […]

Covid-19 risk for children is “tiny”, says a UK hospitals survey by British Medical Journal.

28 August 2020 By Paul Martin

Must we say it again? The British Medical Journal “reveals” with what uncovered two and a half months back. Suddenly the media has woken up. This Week wrote: The biggest study yet of children admitted to hospital with Covid-19 has revealed that the virus poses a “vanishingly small” threat to school students.  Children’s risk […]

British television’s éminence grise Brian Lapping joins protest against a new film, and demands censorship allegations be removed.

27 August 2020 By Paul Martin

The makers of a world-renowned television series have called on a producer-presenter to slash substantial chunks of a new widely-publicised film that claims End of Empire’s Iran programme was censored by the British government or its spy agency. The End of Empire series executive producer Brian Lapping has now entered the fray. He supports the […]