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‘Deliberately infect me with Covid.’ The dangerous lengths people in the Netherlands are urged to employ to avoid vaccination.

21 November 2021 By Paul Martin

Protests in the Netherlands by people objecting to being vaccinated have turned ugly. But nothing like as ugly as the devastating effects their refusal is having on intensive care wards in the Netherlands. Latest figures released by government medical authorities show that 69 percent of people in intensive care wards in the first two weeks […]

FIFA’s once-all-powerful football chief is finally being prosecuted for corruption. But Sepp Blatter’s daughter tells Correspondent.World: ‘My honest father was forced out by a conspiracy.’

2 November 2021 By Paul Martin

FIFA President Sepp Blatter resigned in 2016 to save world football from financial ruin and now “feels relieved and free“, his daughter and chief adviser Corinne Blatter-Andenmatten, who is also her father’s chief adviser, told Correspondent.World. He and Michel Platini, the former boss of European football and megastar player, have now been charged with fraud over unlawfully arranging a […]

‘I saved Yasser Arafat’s picture before I burned down his Authority’s office.’ Palestinian militant Zakaria Zubeidi has led a daring jailbreak, only to be captured again. I met him under the shadow of imminent Israeli missile attack.

12 September 2021 By Paul Martin

We sat on a balcony that overlooked the city of Jenin, soon after Zakaria Zumbeid had attacked and ransacked the office of the Governor of Jenin, his home town. The Governor was from the Palestinian Authority, which paid him and his men their salaries — though Zubeidi felt they were being underpaid and disrespected. “!Whhen […]

Pakistan stands accused of facilitating the Taleban takeover of Afghanistan, says former British commander there.

18 August 2021 By Paul Martin

The Taliban could not have sustained its campaign or secured victory in Afghanistan without the active support of Pakistan, a former Commander of the British Army in Afghanistan claimed. Colonel Richard Kemp also raised concerns over jihadist elements getting control of nuclear material in Pakistan to add to its arsenal of weaponry. . Addressing an online […]