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The ghosts of apartheid’s bloody past. The murder in 1993 of a top South African nearly led to the collapse of crucial talks and a descent into civil war. The murderer may soon be released.

1 January 2022 By Paul Martin

Gaye Derby-Lewis, in an exclusive interview with Correspondent.World, insisted her husband was not a murderer, as he never gave a final order to kill. Clive Derby-Lewis died from cancer in 2016 while on parole after a commuted death sentence and 20 years imprisonment. But a Polish immigrant who pulled the trigger and killed top ANC […]

A self-inflicted wound. South Africa’s cricket woes reflect a malaise in its approach to race, and indeed to patriotism.

8 November 2021 By Paul Martin

South African cricketers are masters of the self-inflicted wound.  Not just the players, but also the administrators. In the current T20 World Cup they defeated England, the West Indies, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, only losing, albeit narrowly, to Australia — after abject batting and very good bowling — at the start of the tournament.  Talking of self-inflicted […]

Nelson Mandela knew that to succeed you sometimes need to climb down from things you had previously regarded as strategic, unchangeable and unthinkable. The South African leader’s first press conference reminded us of the need to compromise in politics.

4 November 2021 By Paul Martin

The 30th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release reminds us of the need to compromise in politics | The Independent | The Independent It was a balmy afternoon on Nelson Mandela’s day of liberation, February 11, 1990. I rolled down the back window and stretched out an arm to have my hand slapped again and again […]

Lateral-Flow tests are now to become gateways to enter crowded places. They were supposed also to be an early-warning system to reduce the spread of Covid in the UK. Instead the uptake of test-kits that’s dropped dramatically. And they can very easily be ‘fooled’.

27 October 2021 By Paul Martin

The UK government website boasts: ‘Lateral flow tests are practical, easy to interpret and can be used in a wide range of settings. This makes them ideal for widespread use in the community.’ That’s true if the person administering the tests on himself or herself wants the true result. But what if the intent is […]