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Saudi Arabia signals it will clamp down on hardline interpretations of Islam.

10 June 2021 By Paul Martin

         Hardline interpretations of Islam are preventing economic progress and threatening Saudi Arabia’s ability to develop a modern economy, the country’s de facto ruler Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman declared. Saudi Arabia’s rulers have had a pact for decades with hardline Islamists who follow a strict form of Islam called Wahabism. But in an interview broadcast […]

I met Ratko Mladic and gave evidence at The Hague. This is how it feels to see a mass murderer finally jailed for life for his war crimes.

9 June 2021 By Paul Martin

Of all the war criminals and mass murderers I have encountered in 40 years of reporting in conflict zones, Ratko Mladic was the most chilling. The United Nations ex-Yugoslavia Tribunal’s final verdict — life imprisonment for genocide — brings back memories that even a hard-bitten war reporter finds hard to erase. ** Dead children’s graves […]

Forty years after Israel’s bombing of Iraq’s nuclear facility, there is still no Arab state with an atomic bomb. Does this prove the raid was justified?

7 June 2021 By Paul Martin

A sign on the desert road south of Baghdad, curiously in English not Arabic, pointed to what it described as an “Engineering Factory”. It was the only hint that there was something unusual to be found just off the beaten track. Until days before, this “Engineering factory” had been nothing less than Saddam Hussein’s project […]

UNESCO meeting applauds Mohamed film.

31 May 2021 By Paul Martin

Film-maker and broadcaster Paul Martin addressed a UNESCO meeting to discuss media freedom and reporter safety issues in the wake of his 26-day detention by Hamas while he was filming an ongoing story in the Gaza Strip this year. UNESCO MEETING APPLAUDS NEW MOHAMED FILM AND CONSIDERS MARTIN’S DETENTION AS INFRINGEMENT OF MEDIA FREEDOM. PARIS–  […]

A reminder: Battle of the kite bombers: Simple toys turn deadly in Gaza-Israel border protests.

12 May 2021 By Paul Martin

Violence continues to erupt along Gaza’s volatile border with Israel. here’s how we reported, for and with the Mirror newspaper, three years ago precisely. The Mirror’s Chief reporter is on the Gaza-Israel border where the kites are terrifying residents COMMENTS By Andy Lines [with Paul Martin] 22:21, 11 MAY 2018 Floating in the clear blue […]

Do these international moral-high-ground charities match their lofty stated roles with actual practice?Amnesty International is now accused of a ‘toxic culture’. Another scandal, like the one that dragged Oxfam into disrepute?

29 April 2021 By Paul Martin

Two former Amnesty International UK board members have apologised for their “inaction and silence”, while accusing the organisation of failing to investigate evidence of a toxic culture. NOTE: See latest development in this story headlined: Three Amnesty International staff resign…’ Ex-board member James Lovatt and former vice-chair Hannah Perry revealed they had written separate letters […]

In the wake of the George Floyd police murder conviction, are there any rational ways to deal with inflammatory claims? We examine if — compared with whites and Hispanics — unarmed African-Americans are more likely to die when being arrested by US police.

21 April 2021 By Paul Martin Based on that article, it appears there is no significant difference in death rates across the US racial divides. However, subsequent analysis appears to show a different picture. The truth may be more complex. Watch this space.