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He used his creative imagination to bring Chopin back from beyond the grave. Pianist Alan Kogosowski completes and plays a concerto that Chopin did not finish: his Concerto Number 3.

1 October 2020 By Paul Martin

Alan Kogosowski has brought the magic of Frederic Chopin back from beyond the grave. The Australian pianist completed a unique version of the Austrian composer’s long-delayed and ultimately unfinished Third Piano Concerto in A major, Opus 46. He has now done its final revision. accompanied Kogosowshi to Paris where he drew new inspiration by visiting […]

The disaster of Lebanon. I recall another vicious blast that demonstrated the fragility and cynicism of its ethnic and political patchwork.

5 August 2020 By Paul Martin

Lebanon is, literally, reeling from its latest blast. The actual cause was a small fire that then ignited a huge quantity of ammonium nitrate stored in the country’s main port for more than six years. It had been confiscated from a ship that had docked on its way to take supplies of the volatile material. […]

Inside the prison camp of the Isis brides.

17 July 2020 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin in Camp Roj, Syria. Fearful for her future as Kurdish forces hold her in the barbed-wire surrounded compound, like so many others all she really wants is to come home.  ______________________________________________________ You don’t have access to this premium article. To view please purchase a premium subscription by clicking on a subscription link below. […]

Shamima Begum wins an appeal to return to Britain for an attempt to win back her citizenship. I went to her detention camp in northern Syria, the first journalist to discover that her third baby was dying. Is Britain to blame for the baby’s death, and for Shamima Begum’s plight?

16 July 2020 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin. On Friday March 8 2019 I was in Kurdistan, having just crossed the Tigris River from Syria. We had just been inside the Roj Camp yesterday at lunch-time the previous day. There, Kurdish military forces were (and still are) holding hundreds of women who had been married to jihadi ISIS fighters or […]