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Not ill-fitting. Illman.

7 July 2021 By Paul Martin

An amusing aside in reporting on this Covid pandemic. The leading health publication (HSJ, or Health Services Journal), has a top writer called James Illman. See his article. NOTE: For our section Strange as it Seems, we’re interested in other names that are either particularly suitable or particularly ill-fitting. We know of a South African […]

Blood clots from Astra-Zeneca Covid vaccine are easy to treat, say Canadian doctors.

14 June 2021 By Paul Martin

There’s an easy and efficient way, says scientists, to treat the extremely rare cases of serious blood-clots that develop from Astra-Zeneca’s vaccine against Covid. Three patients in Canada developed what is called “vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia”, or VITT, after receiving the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. That produces blood clots — a symptom that led to panic across […]

Wearing a medical mask under a cloth mask is the best way (apart from a vaccine) to cut Covid, a study in USA says.

19 April 2021 By Paul Martin

A disposable medical mask under a cloth face covering significantly reduces the flow of respiratory droplets from the nose and mouth. And that could limit the spread of Covid-19, says a study published Friday by JAMA Internal Medicine. So-called “double masking” — or wearing two coverings over the nose and mouth — improves fitted filtration efficiency, […]

The former United States CIA chief claims that the virus causing the Covid pandemic worldwide most likely originated in a top Chinese laboratory.

6 April 2021 By Paul Martin

Mike Pompeo, the former United States CIA director and former US Secretary of State, has reiterated his conclusion that the virus causing the Covid pandemic worldwide most likely originated in a top Chinese laboratory. In an interview shown on Fox News, Pompeo said “significant evidence” remained that the coronavirus had its origins in a Chinese laboratory. […]

A ‘Dunkirk approach’ is needed to roll out millions of second vaccine doses in the UK, says a pharmacist chief. As Britain did in World War Two, he wants to launch a ‘Thousand Little Ships’.

11 March 2021 By Paul Martin

By PAUL MARTIN Pharmacists have volunteered to come to the rescue of Britain’s National Health Service by launching “a thousand little ships like those that saved us at Dunkirk” to boost the roll-out of the second anti-Covid vaccine jabs. Mark Koziol, chairman of the Pharmacists Defence Association, told Correspondent.World: ‘’Big is not always beautiful.” He complained that the NHS and […]

EXCLUSIVE: Many elderly or housebound people in England are not getting their first vaccination against the Covid virus because of failures by the system, an investigation by has revealed.

25 February 2021 By Paul Martin

Leading charities have told Correspondent.World that many people either stuck at home or reluctant to leave it are failing to be jabbed.  Yet full advantage is not being taken of one easy potential solution — walking a short distance to local chemists.