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Deaths. Big surprises are revealed.

19 January 2021 By Paul Martin

At last we know the true death toll of the pandemic that ravaged England through one very turbulent year. And there are some big surprises. One is that the proportion of excess deaths in the BAME ethnic groups (Black, Asian, Middle Eastern and Other) appears to be not significantly different to the proportional excess among […]

A sniff that may save the world from Covid.

16 January 2021 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin, Exclusive. In a British National Health Service hospital, fifty British ‘guinea-pigs’ last week sniffed a revolutionary new mixture that fights Covid-19 before it gets into our lungs — using a substance that, by coincidence, is connected with the explosive, nitro-glycerine. It’s being hailed as a huge potential life-saver: a product that attacks […]

Teachers of primary school classes not at greater risk of Covid than other workers, says top European survey.

14 January 2021 By Paul Martin

NOTE: An Office of National Statistics survey showed that British teachers primary, second and tertiary, are not at greater risk… just as we reported in regard to primary school teachers eleven days earlier. Nevertheless, this month, January , teachers unions were threatening to take the government to court to stop them reopening even primary schools. […]

Waste of money? Private hospitals have been paid around 3.6 billion pounds so far this year, but have treated very few public patients.

1 December 2020 By Paul Martin

This under-use came despite rocketing long waits for operations, according to internal documents leaked to HSJ. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the NHS has had unprecedented block contracts in place for almost all the private hospital capacity in England. The total cost has never been revealed, although public contract notices suggest they are worth around […]

How unwell South African children found their voices — and others around the world. During the pandemic, they’re running their own internet radio station from a Cape Town hospital studio.

28 November 2020 By Paul Martin

RX Radio has given children the opportunity to voice their opinions and understand others By Luzuko Sonkapu. This article was submitted to the Media Monitoring Africa Isu Elihle Awards. I’m an 18-year-old with a chronic illness, spinal muscular atrophy, and at the start of lockdown in March it was better for me to move to […]