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‘Deliberately infect me with Covid.’ The dangerous lengths people in the Netherlands are urged to employ to avoid vaccination.

21 November 2021 By Paul Martin

Protests in the Netherlands by people objecting to being vaccinated have turned ugly. But nothing like as ugly as the devastating effects their refusal is having on intensive care wards in the Netherlands. Latest figures released by government medical authorities show that 69 percent of people in intensive care wards in the first two weeks […]

Lateral-Flow tests are now to become gateways to enter crowded places. They were supposed also to be an early-warning system to reduce the spread of Covid in the UK. Instead the uptake of test-kits that’s dropped dramatically. And they can very easily be ‘fooled’.

27 October 2021 By Paul Martin

The UK government website boasts: ‘Lateral flow tests are practical, easy to interpret and can be used in a wide range of settings. This makes them ideal for widespread use in the community.’ That’s true if the person administering the tests on himself or herself wants the true result. But what if the intent is […]

Not ill-fitting. Ill-man.

7 July 2021 By Paul Martin

There’s not much to make one smile about, reporting on this Covid pandemic. Here’s something irrelevant but mildly amusing: The leading health publication (HSJ, or Health Services Journal), has a top writer called James Illman. Getit? See his article. NOTE: For our section Strange as it Seems, we’re interested in other names that are either […]

Blood clots from AstraZeneca Covid vaccine are easy to treat, say Canadian doctors.

14 June 2021 By Paul Martin

There’s an easy and efficient way, say scientists, to treat the extremely rare cases of serious blood-clots that develop from AstraZeneca’s vaccine against Covid. Three patients in Canada developed what is called “vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia”, or VITT, after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. That produces blood clots — a symptom that led to panic across […]