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A spectacular own goal. How the Russians sabotaged themselves by blowing up Ukraine’s huge dam near Kherson.

7 June 2023 By Paul Martin

World Exclusive.  By Paul Martin.  It could literally turn the tide of the Russian Ukraine war. In a huge military blunder, Russian saboteurs blasted far too many of the 28 sluice gates that were holding back a huge expanse of water in the massive Kakhovka dam, senior military-related sources have told Correspondent.World. “The explosives were laid as […]

Fired by NBC, hired by The Mirror. As Baghdad was falling 20 years ago, the legendary Peter Arnett thanks Correspondent.World’s editor Paul Martin and the ex-Mirror editor Piers Morgan.

21 March 2023 By Paul Martin

By Peter Arnett Awarded the Pulitzer Prize in the Vietnam War, legendary journalist Peter Arnett recalls witnessing theinvasion of Iraq from inside Baghdad, reveals the inside story of how he was fired then hired, and describes some of the US blunders, including the killing of three journalists. Article and Photos Copyright Peter Arnett / Paul […]

Mistake after mistake — by our Foreign Office.

20 March 2023 By Paul Martin

British documentary film-maker and journalist Paul Martin, detained in Gaza in 2010, says the Foreign Office keeps making the same mistakes when dealing with academics or reporters locked up by tinpot dictatorships. He says the FCO’s incompetence or lack of care puts prisoners in danger. The wife of Matthew Hedges says the Foreign Office endangered the […]