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Recent references to Correspondent.World appear in three articles in a major British newspaper.

23 December 2020 By Paul Martin

Paul Martin 20 Dec 2020, 6:00amRevealed: How the FBI tracked down second Lockerbie suspect nicknamed ‘The Ghost’ 05 Dec 2020, 5:00pmLockerbie bombing key witness had history of ‘making up stories’, says CIA handler 20 Jun 2020, 5:00pmMysterious Covid-linked disease ‘no longer expected to be fatal’ in children after treatment breakthrou

Will new evidence point to the man who made the Lockerbie bomb?

21 December 2020 By Paul Martin

Exclusive.   American investigators into the culprits behind the Lockerbie disaster are confident they have new evidence incriminating Abuagila Masud, whose extradition they are seeking from a Libyan jail.   Though US Attorney General William Barr is poised to announce that Masud is considered to have made or delivered the bomb that destroyed the PanAm plane,  his […]

US investigators say there are vital new clues, as mass-murder charges are due to be announced. It’s the 32nd anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing on Monday.

20 December 2020 By Paul Martin

Exactly thirty-two years after the destruction of PanAm plane over Lockerbie, the United States Justice Department has found evidence that it says will strengthen  mass-murder charges against the man they will accuse of constructing and delivering the bomb.  At a press conference expected today — Monday –  it will reveal some of its secret evidence […]

Britain, outside the EU, will become more important than before. So claims Trump’s former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

16 December 2020 By Paul Martin

President Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton has urged Britain to push ahead with negotiations for a trade deal even before Joe Biden takes office in late January as US President.  He said that withdrawal from the European Union, whether with or without a UK-EU trade deal,will actually help ensure that Britain’s role in world […]

It’s ten years since Libya began its rapid descent into chaos. Paul Martin recalls his Libya experiences — from the Libyan Peoples Bureau siege in London, to an embarrassing encounter with a posh British woman on board a ship anchored off Tripoli.

16 December 2020 By Paul Martin

It was August 1981. American jetfighters had shot down twoLibyan planes over the disputed waters of the Gulf of Sirte. The BBC’sforeign editor had decided, in his infinite wisdom, that I should nipacross the border of Egypt, where I was based, and get to the Libyan capital Tripoli as fast as possible.  This was however […]

Putin, assessing European leaders are weak, ‘could order more assassinations’. A former KGB counter-intelligence boss talks exclusively to

8 December 2020 By Paul Martin

One of Russia’s top ex-KGB officers says Vladimir Putin could order more assassinations or poisonings against opponents  – whether in Europe or inside his own country – unless European governments hit back against Russia’s assassination attempts with tough measures. In an extraordinary interview, General Oleg Kalugin told that the president saw Britain and European governments […]

World Exclusive. A former CIA operations officer emerges to reveal: They suppressed my evidence, and my cables. Now he wants investigators to show Iran not Libya was behind the PanAm Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie.

4 December 2020 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin. Exclusive.  Revealing he was excluded from the original Lockerbie bombing trial, a former CIA operations officer has appealed for a British and American investigation that holds the “true culprit”, Iran, to account.  John Holt says he was the author of the secret cables sent to his bosses soon after Lockerbie, showing that the Libyan ‘double agent’ put forward […]