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Meeting Ayman Zawahiri’s family in Egypt, I gained some special insights into the now-assassinated Al Qaeda leader.

2 August 2022 By Paul Martin

Ayman Zawahiri,  successor to the slain Osama Bin Laden, warned the world in an Internet message soon after he became leader, that Al Qaeda would remain a ‘source of horror and a nightmare chasing America, Israel and their allies’.  That, of course, included Britain.  It was a message that intelligence communities took very seriously.  The evidence from his own life story […]

“Ukraine: Life Under Attack” documents painful but life-affirming survival under Russian bombardment in Kharkiv.

27 June 2022 By Paul Martin

It’s been dubbed City of Heroes, the official accolade awarded by President Volodymyr Zelensky to Kharkiv — Ukraine’s battered second city. Two intrepid cameramen-producers have chronicled its trials and tribulations under Russian fire in a riveting film called “Ukraine: Life Under Attack”.  Their documentary has added poignancy as the Russian bombardment, apparently receding a month ago, […]

Brothers in arms. The Klitschko world boxing champions in conversation — as Kyiv, the Ukrainian city run by the older brother, comes under Russian attack again.

26 June 2022 By Paul Martin

First ever exclusive interview with BOTH Klitschkos in a location (“bunker”) we are not disclosing for security reasons. Vitali, the great world champ boxer now mayor of Kyiv, makes a direct appeal to the soldiers fighting Ukraine inside his country: “Go home now.  Why should you die in a foreign land just for the money […]

Bytes from Ukraine

31 May 2022 By Paul Martin

“I’m being bombed by my own bombs,” an elderly long-retired Ukrainian engineer complains… 14-year-old boy refugee on train from Polish border town Przmishyl to Krakow: “My cat came with us. She is part of the family.”

Russia has listed Ukrainians to be arrested and others to be local quislings, intelligence report claims.

20 February 2022 By Paul Martin

The 9th Directorate of Russia’s FSB security service started drawing up war-gaming scenarios against Ukraine in December 2021 under the leadership of Russia’s Airborne Forces, an intelligence-based report claims.  “Together they mapped which locals would be supportive and began working on lists of targets who would not. The intent was to establish the command-and-control links […]