Author: Paul Martin

Days before Pope’s visit to Iraq, a rocket attack is launched on a Coalition military base. Will the Pope’s visit be destabilised?

4 March 2021 By Paul Martin

Just two days before a historic visit to Iraq by Pope Francis, a dozen rockets slammed into a military base for American, British and other Coalition troops.  This follows another attack a few days ago, apparently originating from the disputed oil-rich north-eastern district of Kirkuk. Analysts suggested the attacks are aimed at a propaganda victory for […]

A former British national newspaper editor admits he secretly backed violence by the Irish Republican Army. Did this influence his objectivity?

3 March 2021 By Paul Martin

The revelation from former Daily Mirror editor Roy Greenslade that he “supported the right of the Irish people to engage in armed struggle” via the IRA throughout the 1970s and 1980s has prompted a furious response from many in the industry, reports the Press Gazette. From 1992 until 2020, Greenslade had also been the media […]

Pictures from Mars are clear. Pictures from Britain far less so.

25 February 2021 By Paul Martin

The world has just seen astonishingly-detailed clear pictures from the surface of Mars, courtesy of an American rover called Perseverance [affectionately abbreviated to Percy]. However when BBC Newsnight proudly showed them [on February 24 2021], as a marvel of human achievement, it also linked up with a scientist in Britain. Except the picture of him […]