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Here’s something about our editor-in-chief.

Besides being a double international award-winner for documentary filming and journalism, Paul Martin has the ‘distinction’ of being arrested, held captive or locked up (or worse) in several of the world’s trouble spots. Baghdad (under three different regimes), Gaza, Cairo, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Malta, Russia – to name a few – during a long and very varied career. “Each arrest, I suppose, is a badge of honour, showing that incisive, truthful investigation matters… and upsets those who have something to hide,” Martin says.

He writes:

“I have been a foreign correspondent for several top international media, in print, on radio, on television and on the web, sometimes mixing foreign affairs writing and broadcasting with my other passion: sport. On one occasion I swapped the gunfire of war in Beirut, within 24 hours, for the thwack of tennis balls on rackets at Wimbledon.

“Above all, I am fearlessly, passionately independent and guarantee and correspondent.world, under my editorship, will have news and views and insights that will often surprise you.”