Month: September 2023

Reeva Steenkamp was murdered by her boyfriend, world-famous Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius. In what turned out to be his last interview, Reeva’s father Barry told Correspondent.World why he would die of a broken heart.

19 September 2023 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin.  Exclusive   In what turned out to be his last interview, Reeva’ Steenkamp’s father Barry told Correspondent. World why he would die of a broken heart. We had spoken ten years to the day after the megastar Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend dead.“Our hearts are broken.”   “We want to […]

‘I said Hail Mary’s and used by body to revive an ice-cold bleeding soldier’ … and other Ukrainian frontline heroics from a unique fighter-cum-rescuer-cum-aid-worker.

19 September 2023 By Paul Martin

“I know how much the Ukrainians need us Brits.  The Russians are bloodthirsty killers and torturers.   “One thing I guarantee you: me and my buddies have decided they cannot take us alive. I’m ready to die if I have to and meet our Maker — and take some of the enemy with me.  If […]

It’s thirty years since, on the White House lawn, the historic American-brokered Palestinian-Israeli deal called the Oslo Accords was signed (September 13 1993. It came into force one month later.) We recall the angry, insightful last interview given by the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat as the deal was collapsing.

6 September 2023 By Paul Martin

RAMALLAH, West Bank — When Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat gave his final interview to a Western newspaper, the first question — sent over in advance — was supposed to be: “Mr. Arafat, where were you born and where did you grow up?” “No,” an aide told two reporters me and a fellow-reporter, “not allowed.” Even […]