Month: May 2023

His wife and two daughters were gunned down in April 2023. Yet he has urged support for the ‘good’ Arab people against their violent ‘terrorist’ rulers.

19 May 2023 By Paul Martin

Grieving British/Israeli rabbi Leo Dee has been trying to promote peace between Israel and Arabs throughout the Middle East by bringing 30 thousand flags to a controversial march. Leo, whose wife and two daughters were shot dead by Hamas terrorists, bravely tried to make a March through Jerusalem avoid slogans of hate from a small […]

A top UN official urges ‘immediate and urgent’ appointment of inspectors to regulate the Bangladeshi garment industry.

5 May 2023 By Paul Martin

Correspondent.World intends to follow up this 2013 story to see what progress has been made. By Paul Martin (also published in The Independent). The United Nations’ top official in charge of labour has urged Western nations to “immediately and urgently” appoint hundreds of inspectors to control the disaster-prone low-cost garment industry, half of whose exports […]

In his final interview, Arafat cultivated the image of a survivor. An historic, tense encounter revisited.

4 May 2023 By Paul Martin

By Maria Cedrell and Paul Martin in Ramallah, 2004. When Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat gave his final interview to us, we had to supply a list of proposed questions. The first question was supposed to be: “Mr. Arafat, where were you born and where did you grow up?” “No,” his aide told us. “Not allowed.” In the life of a […]