Month: January 2023

Pope Benedict XVI is buried now alongside many other Popes at St Peter’s Cathedral. Father John Kennedy, who worked for and deeply respected the late Holy Father, talks to Correspondent.World. Our previous visit to the centre of the Vatican had a very different theme.

8 January 2023 By Paul Martin

We also have had an exclusive interview, at his St Peter’s Square Vatican headquarters, with Monsignor John Kennedy. It took place after the funeral of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who had become Pope Benedict XVI while Father Kennedy was working for him at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican. He has […]

The great Pelé, dead at 82, had some great flaws. They involved dictators and racism.

3 January 2023 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin, Exclusive. Pelé’s legacy has two very big shadows: his willingness to serve dictators and his astonishing silence on racism. Despite his humble origins and the racism of his society, Pelé often seemed willing to consort with hardline right-wingers — a stain on his otherwise demigod status.   During the period of the military dictatorship […]