Month: July 2022

Is it all change in Ukraine’s Black Sea port. A grain of truth, or a Russian charade?

29 July 2022 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin, Chornomorsk Port. Right opposite the port that could become the first gateway for wheat to leave Ukraine stands a grey lamp-post..  The area around it is now called Freedom Square, but until the Soviet Union ended it was known as Lenin Square.   The name-change is part of a pattern across the Ukraine, of becoming more and more distant […]

Sri Lanka’s Cardinal offers legal aid to foreign families. Can they hold the deposed ruling family accountable for the mass murders of Easter 2019?

17 July 2022 By Paul Martin

Exclusive.   David Linsey, whose younger brother and sister were killed in a suicide bombing in a hotel in Sri Lanka three years ago, has supported calls for an urgent investigation into who lay behind the terrorist attacks. He believes the collapse of the Rajapaksa family’s decades-long grip on power may make a proper investigation easier. “I […]

My father was innocent and “the most honest man I know”, says his daughter Corinne. World football’s former supremo Sepp Blatter has been found not guilty on a corruption charge in a Swiss Court, along with former megastar Michel Platini.

8 July 2022 By Paul Martin

FIFA’s former President Sepp Blatter has been vindicated and now “feels relieved and free“, his daughter and chief adviser Corinne Blatter-Andenmatten, who is also her father’s chief adviser, told Correspondent.World. He had chosen to resign in 2016 to save world football from financial ruin, she added. Blatter and Michel Platini, the former boss of European football and megastar player, […]