Month: May 2022

Butchery in Bucha. An eye-opening trip there with an aid worker.

11 May 2022 By Paul Martin

Exclusive from Bucha, Ukraine. Oleksii Tolkachov, 39, is delivering aid to people without food, electricity and heating in Bucha and Irpin, the until-recently Russian-occupied satellite towns north of Kyiv.  They are both now ignominious worldwide symbols of the invaders’ ruthless destruction.   Before we drive in, we pull up at the first of several destroyed tanks.   […]

The USA wants to use Polish troops to jointly snatch part of Ukraine. That’s what Russian ‘intelligence information’ supposedly shows.

4 May 2022 By Paul Martin

Russia’s spy chief has accused the US and Poland of planning to split off the western section of Ukraine and place it under the military control of Polish troops. Sergey Naryshkin, the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, insisted his sources were from his intelligence-gathering. “According to the information received by the Foreign Intelligence Service […]