Month: March 2022

Russian intelligence claims ISIS ex-prisoners are operating inside Ukraine to sabotage Russian forces. It says the US and Britain have trained them, and are using Poland as their hub.

30 March 2022 By Paul Martin

Russia’s intelligence service (the SVR) has claimed ISIS prisoners previously held in the Kurdish-controlled north-east Syria have been sent to Ukraine to sabotage Russian forces there. It says America, Britain, France and other countries’ are using Poland as the hub for final training before the ISIS members infiltrate across the border. The SVR claimed: “At […]

We want to capture him, not kill him, the Russians are reported to have said. Their target: Ukraine’s leader.

8 March 2022 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin.Russia says its security forces know where Ukraine’s embattled president Volodymyr Zelensky is operating from, but has deliberately not targeted him for assassination.   According to a message conveyed to Israel via diplomatic channels and reported on Israel’s Channel 12, the Russian aim is to capture him alive. The message was part of a secret exchange while Israel […]

Putin’s favourite sport, judo, will allow Russians to compete internationally, though not under a Russian flag. And Putin remains in effective charge of the Russian Judo Federation. Yet it’s still allowed to be affiliated to the International Judo Federation.

2 March 2022 By Paul Martin

Russia’s war-mongering dictator Vladimir Putin still has his minion Arkady Rotenberg as first vice president of the Russian Judo Federation, and no action ahs been taken to ban the Russian outfit from affiliation to the IJF. Official announcement of the International Judo Federation The International Judo Federation announces that Mr. Vladimir Putin and Mr. Arkady […]