Month: February 2022

How two Russian state-run broadcasters report on their own impending demise in Europe.

28 February 2022 By Paul Martin

Even as they faced a broadcasting blackout imposed by the European Union, both of Russia’s state-run English-language broadcasters continued to report or invent fanciful and distorted stories about the war their masters had launched inside Ukraine. RT, an acronym for Russian Television, seemed to enjoy mocking the mayor of Ukraine’s embattled capital city Kyiv, former […]

Spy versus spy? Cyberwarriors successfully attacked the website of the Russian intelligence service. Also, the websites of Putin’s Kremlin, of the Russian government, and of the Russian defence ministry. Has there been a fight-back?

26 February 2022 By Paul Martin

LATEST: Checked on 27th April 2022, at 3 40 pm and at 3 54 pm, the website was not working… but the SVR website was. President Putin can no longer speak to the world, or to his own people, on his own website. And the website of SVR, Russia’s spy agency, has also been […]

Putin warns the West he will inflict damage if Russia is pushed out of the world’s economy.

25 February 2022 By Paul Martin

Prresident Vladimir Putin says his country;s’s very existence would have been in danger had he not acted as he did over Ukraine. “The security risks that had been created were so high that it was impossible to respond by other means.,” he told a group of industrailaists and entepeneurs at the Kremlin. He added: “This was a forced measure […]

Russia has listed Ukrainians to be arrested and others to be local quislings, intelligence report claims.

20 February 2022 By Paul Martin

The 9th Directorate of Russia’s FSB security service started drawing up war-gaming scenarios against Ukraine in December 2021 under the leadership of Russia’s Airborne Forces, an intelligence-based report claims.  “Together they mapped which locals would be supportive and began working on lists of targets who would not. The intent was to establish the command-and-control links […]

How the Americans view Archbishop Tutu.

18 February 2022 By Paul Martin

The Life and Legacy of Archbishop Desmond Tutu PRESS STATEMENT ANTONY J. BLINKEN, SECRETARY OF STATE I join President Biden and the First Lady in mourning the loss of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, an extraordinary leader who joyously devoted his life to celebrating and advancing human dignity, justice, and morality.  He was unassuming but no less […]

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Granddaughter

6 February 2022 By Paul Martin

………………………………. NOTE (An insert that is not cleared for publication, but was widely reported at the time in newspapers: In 2016 Leah Tutu took the drastic step of laying a criminal charge of malicious damage to property when her granddaughter smashed crockery and precious objects at the Tutus’ Cape Town home after a furious row.  […]

Motor-bike rider, sports fanatic, life-saver, frustrated father, Nobel Peace Prize-winner. Dead at 90, but larger than life, says Archbishop Tutu’s only son.

2 February 2022 By Paul Martin

Exclusive: By Paul Martin in Cape Town. Trevor Tutu, the only son of anti-apartheid legend Archbishop Desmond Tutu, has spoken of his dad’s amazing life – including how the future world icon took his son to an England World Cup match on the back of a scooter! In an emotional wide-ranging interview Trevor Tutu spoke […]