Month: November 2021

‘Deliberately infect me with Covid.’ The dangerous lengths people in the Netherlands are urged to employ to avoid vaccination.

21 November 2021 By Paul Martin

Protests in the Netherlands by people objecting to being vaccinated have turned ugly. But nothing like as ugly as the devastating effects their refusal is having on intensive care wards in the Netherlands. Latest figures released by government medical authorities show that 69 percent of people in intensive care wards in the first two weeks […]

Conversion: for would-be asylum-seekers in Europe, is it just a case of pray-to-stay?

17 November 2021 By Paul Martin

Converting to Christianity is a long-established technique to avoid being sent back to any Muslim country. That’s because there are clear statements in Islam’s Hadith, authentic quotes attributed to Mohammad) that converting out of Islam is punishable by death. Different Muslim countries enforce this to different degrees, but Christians in many parts of the Middle […]

A self-inflicted wound. South Africa’s cricket woes reflect a malaise in its approach to race, and indeed to patriotism.

8 November 2021 By Paul Martin

South African cricketers are masters of the self-inflicted wound.  Not just the players, but also the administrators. In the current T20 World Cup they defeated England, the West Indies, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, only losing, albeit narrowly, to Australia — after abject batting and very good bowling — at the start of the tournament.  Talking of self-inflicted […]

Nelson Mandela knew that to succeed you sometimes need to climb down. The South African leader’s first press conference reminded us of the need to compromise in politics.

4 November 2021 By Paul Martin

The 30th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release reminds us of the need to compromise in politics | The Independent | It was a balmy afternoon on Nelson Mandela’s day of liberation, February 11, 1990. I rolled down the back window and stretched out an arm to have my hand slapped again and again by exuberant […]

FIFA’s once-all-powerful football chief is finally being prosecuted for corruption. But Sepp Blatter’s daughter tells Correspondent.World: ‘My honest father was forced out by a conspiracy.’

2 November 2021 By Paul Martin

FIFA President Sepp Blatter resigned in 2016 to save world football from financial ruin and now “feels relieved and free“, his daughter and chief adviser Corinne Blatter-Andenmatten, who is also her father’s chief adviser, told Correspondent.World. He and Michel Platini, the former boss of European football and megastar player, have now been charged with fraud over unlawfully arranging a […]