Month: August 2021

Pakistan stands accused of facilitating the Taleban takeover of Afghanistan, says former British commander there.

18 August 2021 By Paul Martin

The Taliban could not have sustained its campaign or secured victory in Afghanistan without the active support of Pakistan, a former Commander of the British Army in Afghanistan claimed. Colonel Richard Kemp also raised concerns over jihadist elements getting control of nuclear material in Pakistan to add to its arsenal of weaponry. . Addressing an online […]

EXCLUSIVE: Al Qaeda ‘regrets’ its mass terror attacks on 9-11 and is unlikely to repeat this sort of mass attack, says Al Qaeda confidante.

18 August 2021 By Paul Martin

Al Qaeda, now potentially resurgent after the stark collapse of Western support to the defence of Afghanistan, is unlikely to resort to new mass terror attacks on the West, according to a senior source who has worked closely with Al Qaeda for decades. A former senior jihad fighter claimed yesterday that Al Qaeda loyalists made […]

Boxing pictures of Nelson Mandela (and daughter) hit harder than a thousand blows.

3 August 2021 By Paul Martin Above: Zindzi Mandela tries out boxing gloves donated to her father Nelson and signed by world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Source: Baileys African History’s Archives By Paul Martin Just days after his release in 1990, Nelson Mandela was sitting alone in the Business Class section on a South African Airways flight from Cape Town to […]