Month: April 2021

Do these international moral-high-ground charities match their lofty stated roles with actual practice?Amnesty International is now accused of a ‘toxic culture’. Another scandal, like the one that dragged Oxfam into disrepute?

29 April 2021 By Paul Martin

Two former Amnesty International UK board members have apologised for their “inaction and silence”, while accusing the organisation of failing to investigate evidence of a toxic culture. NOTE: See latest development in this story headlined: Three Amnesty International staff resign…’ Ex-board member James Lovatt and former vice-chair Hannah Perry revealed they had written separate letters […]

In the wake of the George Floyd police murder conviction, are there any rational ways to deal with inflammatory claims? We examine if — compared with whites and Hispanics — unarmed African-Americans are more likely to die when being arrested by US police.

21 April 2021 By Paul Martin Based on that article, it appears there is no significant difference in death rates across the US racial divides. However, subsequent analysis appears to show a different picture. The truth may be more complex. Watch this space.

Wearing a medical mask under a cloth mask is the best way (apart from a vaccine) to cut Covid, a study in USA says.

19 April 2021 By Paul Martin

A disposable medical mask under a cloth face covering significantly reduces the flow of respiratory droplets from the nose and mouth. And that could limit the spread of Covid-19, says a study published Friday by JAMA Internal Medicine. So-called “double masking” — or wearing two coverings over the nose and mouth — improves fitted filtration efficiency, […]

Andy Green won 1.7 million pounds, but the betting company tried to stop him getting the money. Now, though he’s about to become rich, he’s angry — about the human cost of his battle.

11 April 2021 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin. Last Thursday (April 8 2021) Andy Green, 54, scored a massive court victory against Betfred, which now has to pay him 1.7 million pounds plus solicitors’ costs. The betting company had refused to pay him his winnings, claiming there had been a ‘glitch’.   But Andy Green, 54, says the three years […]

The former United States CIA chief claims that the virus causing the Covid pandemic worldwide most likely originated in a top Chinese laboratory.

6 April 2021 By Paul Martin

Mike Pompeo, the former United States CIA director and former US Secretary of State, has reiterated his conclusion that the virus causing the Covid pandemic worldwide most likely originated in a top Chinese laboratory. In an interview shown on Fox News, Pompeo said “significant evidence” remained that the coronavirus had its origins in a Chinese laboratory. […]