Month: March 2021

A ‘Dunkirk approach’ is needed to roll out millions of second vaccine doses in the UK, says a pharmacist chief. As Britain did in World War Two, he wants to launch a ‘Thousand Little Ships’.

11 March 2021 By Paul Martin

By PAUL MARTIN Pharmacists have volunteered to come to the rescue of Britain’s National Health Service by launching “a thousand little ships like those that saved us at Dunkirk” to boost the roll-out of the second anti-Covid vaccine jabs. Mark Koziol, chairman of the Pharmacists Defence Association, told Correspondent.World: ‘’Big is not always beautiful.” He complained that the NHS and […]

Days before Pope’s visit to Iraq, a rocket attack is launched on a Coalition military base. Will the Pope’s visit be destabilised?

4 March 2021 By Paul Martin

Just two days before a historic visit to Iraq by Pope Francis, a dozen rockets slammed into a military base for American, British and other Coalition troops.  This follows another attack a few days ago, apparently originating from the disputed oil-rich north-eastern district of Kirkuk. Analysts suggested the attacks are aimed at a propaganda victory for […]