Month: February 2021

Is the Supreme Court right to stop Shamima Begum entering Britain to argue her case for regaining or retaining her British citizenship? Can she argue her case from her Syrian captivity?

26 February 2021 By Paul Martin

The UK Supreme Court rejects Begum’s claim to be entitled to return to argue her case (February 25 2021). IN THE SUPREME COURT, Lord Reed and four other judges unanimously ruled: “The right for a fair hearing does not trump all other considerations, such as the safety of the public… “The appropriate response is for […]

Pictures from Mars to Earth are clear. Pictures from Britain to Britain far less so.

25 February 2021 By Paul Martin

The world has just seen astonishingly-detailed clear pictures from the surface of Mars, courtesy of an American rover called Perseverance [affectionately abbreviated to Percy]. However when BBC Newsnight proudly showed them [on February 24 2021], as a marvel of human achievement, it also linked up with a scientist in Britain. Except the picture of him […]

EXCLUSIVE: Many elderly or housebound people in England are not getting their first vaccination against the Covid virus because of failures by the system, an investigation by has revealed.

25 February 2021 By Paul Martin

Leading charities have told Correspondent.World that many people either stuck at home or reluctant to leave it are failing to be jabbed.  Yet full advantage is not being taken of one easy potential solution — walking a short distance to local chemists.

Any British government usually becomes unpopular after a year in office. The Leader of the Opposition says there are two good reasons why he’s not winning the opinion polls.

22 February 2021 By Paul Martin

Why is Labour not leading the Opinion Polls? After all, the country has been plunged into crisis and has lost nearly ten percent of its Gross national Product in the year since Boris Johnson’s Conservatives retained and extended their parliamentary majority. Sir Keir Starmer, the Leader of the Opposition and head of the Labour Party, […]

Do you need to be ruthless or a ‘nutter’ to become British prime minister? No, says Britain’s leader of the Opposition.

22 February 2021 By Paul Martin

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has hit back at critics who say he lacks the hard-man qualities needed to become Britain’s prime minister.   He also attacked politicians and journalists, who he says have already been proved wrong about him. Speaking by zoom to a group situated inside his parliamentary constituency, Sir Keir said voters don’t want […]

An interview with British Prime Minister John Major after a very Soviet attempted-coup. How my own coup went awry.

12 February 2021 By Paul Martin

For a journalist and foreign correspondent, being in the right place at the right time is sometimes lucky, sometimes an instinct.  I had just failed in both.  Only days before I had been in Russia, making a film about Boris Yeltsin, the recently elected leader of the Russian Federation, which was the major part of […]