Month: January 2021

Stick ’em up. Or don’t. Are London’s pharmacies being held up — at needlepoint — in a duel to vaccinate? They say an unfair and counterproductive advantage is being conferred on doctors’ hubs.

29 January 2021 By Paul Martin

Hundreds of doses of vaccine line the shelves of a fridge in a London pharmacy after a very frustrating week. It’s the majority of the doses the NHS sent the pharmacy.  The problem is not a lack of supplies. It’s a lack of patients. ‘The National Health Service is texting patients to offer three places they can go to for their first vaccination — but have […]

Deaths. Big surprises are revealed.

19 January 2021 By Paul Martin

At last we know the true death toll of the pandemic that ravaged England through one very turbulent year. And there are some big surprises. One is that the proportion of excess deaths in the BAME ethnic groups (Black, Asian, Middle Eastern and Other) appears to be not significantly different to the proportional excess among […]

Did a jailed terrorist beg to come home? Newspapers rush to the wrong — though headline-grabbing — conclusion.

18 January 2021 By Paul Martin

‘It’s the Sun wot won it.’ That was a famous headline when the Conservatives unexpectedly won a British general election. Now, more than a quarter of a century later, that popular tabloid newspaper could very well rewrite its deliberately ungrammatical headline and declare: ‘It’s the Sun wot faked it.’ Let’s start by quoting the offending […]

A sniff that may save the world from Covid.

16 January 2021 By Paul Martin

Exclusive. In a British National Health Service hospital, fifty British ‘guinea-pigs’ last week sniffed a revolutionary new mixture that fights Covid-19 before it gets into our lungs — using a substance that, by coincidence, is connected with the explosive, nitro-glycerine. It’s being hailed as a huge potential life-saver: a product that attacks the Covid virus, […]