Month: October 2020

How has been way ahead of the world in revealing key Covid-related stories in 2020.

8 October 2020 By Paul Martin

Is it necessary to send small children home from school when one in a ‘bubble’ gets Covid? And the scandal of letting parents congregate outside schools and not properly social-distancing. 11 September 2020 By PAUL MARTIN Is it time for the UK government to get a dose of educational and medical reality? Why has the government made […]

He used his creative imagination to bring Chopin back from beyond the grave. Pianist Alan Kogosowski completes and plays a concerto that Chopin did not finish: his Concerto Number 3.

1 October 2020 By Paul Martin

Alan Kogosowski has brought the magic of Frederic Chopin back from beyond the grave. The Australian pianist completed a unique version of the Austrian composer’s long-delayed and ultimately unfinished Third Piano Concerto in A major, Opus 46. He has now done its final revision. accompanied Kogosowshi to Paris where he drew new inspiration by visiting […]