Month: September 2020

As Covid-10 pandemic makes on-campus life seem less attractive, British students are believed to be changing course –towards distance learning.

25 September 2020 By Paul Martin

Covid-19’s impact on business and trade has led to a surge in applications to do online courses around Britain. Britain’s largest institute for higher education, the Open University, has been enlisting a higher number of students for this academic year. The majority of the ‘extra’ students are thought to be part-timers who continue to have […]

She hung around at the US Supreme Court till death. Now there’s a towering liberal gap to be filled.

21 September 2020 By Paul Martin

US Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg resolutely stuck to her commitment to staying on for life. What’s more, the 87-year-old was delighted that the right-wing US administration was unable to cut her salary – even though she was on the extreme liberal wing of a court that makes key rulings on government actions. ______________________________________________________ […]

Is it necessary to send small children home from school when one in a ‘bubble’ gets Covid? And the scandal of letting parents congregate outside schools and not properly social-distancing.

11 September 2020 By Paul Martin

Is it time for the UK government to get a dose of educational and medical reality? Why has the government made it compulsory to send even primary school children home if anyone in a school ‘bubble’ is shown to have coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Why cares about an apparently false claim of a filmed interview that never existed.

8 September 2020 By Paul Martin

The controversy over a filmed interview-that-never-was had been first uncovered in, and then in the esteeemed journalists’ specialist website The Press Gazette. Its headline and story is here: Granada producers hit back over censorship claims made in … › granada-producers-hit-back-over-c… A series of further revelations has followed in, and a number of heavyweight producers […]