Month: August 2020

Senior Israeli military expert warns against any supply of top US fighterplanes to Gulf States.

30 August 2020 By Paul Martin

A senior former Israeli military intelligence chief has expressed “worry” that concessions that his country may have been made in exchange for the recent peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates will lead to Israel losing its air superiority in the region. Speaking to and 15 other journalists in a half-hour webinar, […]

Covid-19 risk for children is “tiny”, says a UK hospitals survey by British Medical Journal.

28 August 2020 By Paul Martin

Must we say it again? The British Medical Journal “reveals” with what uncovered two and a half months back. Suddenly the media has woken up. This Week wrote: The biggest study yet of children admitted to hospital with Covid-19 has revealed that the virus poses a “vanishingly small” threat to school students.  Children’s risk […]

British television’s éminence grise Brian Lapping joins protest against a new film, and demands censorship allegations be removed.

27 August 2020 By Paul Martin

The makers of a world-renowned television series have called on a producer-presenter to slash substantial chunks of a new widely-publicised film that claims End of Empire’s Iran programme was censored by the British government or its spy agency. The End of Empire series executive producer Brian Lapping has now entered the fray. He supports the […]

Norma Percy, doyenne of British political documentaries, rejects a claim that an ‘End of Empire’ film was censored. The allegation had been made in a widely-publicised just-released personal-view feature, Coup53, about the overthrow of the Iranian prime minister.

24 August 2020 By Paul Martin

Norma Percy, the award-winning producer of meticulously researched revelatory political documentaries for 35 years, has firmly rejected the claim that the makers of an episode of the 1985 series End of Empire about the overthrow of Iran’s prime minister by a British-supported coup in 1953 were pressured to drop a powerful interview they had with a British spy. 

They stand accused of having removed a key interviewee from their major TV series – at the behest of Britain’s spy agency. Now though the End of Empire strikes back.

21 August 2020 By Paul Martin

The producers of the major Granada Television series End of Empire, first shown on Channel 4 in 1985, have adamantly rejected claims that they were pressured into withdrawing an interview they had filmed with an MI6 agent. Taghi Amirani made the claims in his documentary feature film, digitally premiered this week, focusing on the British […]

A major British television series in 1985 exposed the extent of UK involvement in the Iran coup of 1953. Now a new film has implied that the ‘End of Empire’ film-makers were compelled to cut out the most important evidence. But wait. The End of Empire strikes back.

18 August 2020 By Paul Martin

“It’s a mystery within an enigma,” declares Taghi Amirani, an Iranian who has lived in Britain since he was 15, as he reflects to on a key thesis in his own film, Coup53. Released worldwide (albeit digitally) on August 19 2020, key elements in his film are now under fire, from two veteran film-makers […]

Trump gets it right about small children and Covid-19. But his wording is foolish.

12 August 2020 By Paul Martin

President Donald Trump has blundered again. He has said that children are “almost definitely immune” from Covid-19. Facebook removed the video, claiming it contained a falsehood. Technically, by using the term ‘immune’, President Trump is wrong. But in a key respect his practical point is right. The risk of children under the age of 11 […]

The disaster of Lebanon. I recall another vicious blast that demonstrated the fragility and cynicism of its ethnic and political patchwork.

5 August 2020 By Paul Martin

Lebanon is, literally, reeling from its latest blast. The actual cause was a small fire that then ignited a huge quantity of ammonium nitrate stored in the country’s main port for more than six years. It had been confiscated from a ship that had docked on its way to take supplies of the volatile material. […]

The Chinese virologist who fled to the West claims the military was involved in producing the virus that caused Covid-19.

3 August 2020 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin analysed Chinese scientific websites to discover, many weeks ago, that the statistical chance of the virus that causes Covid-19 having evolved accidentally in a market in Wuhan was less than one in a hundred. Now, we are hearing allegations that the country’s top virological pathology centre, based in Wuhan, was carrying […]