Month: July 2020

How responses to the Covid-19 pandemic have improved some health outcomes in surprising ways.

31 July 2020 By Paul Martin

A major positive surprise: research in Ireland finds that, since the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of babies born with dangerously low birth weights has dropped — by a large percentage. Correspondent.World has also discovered other unexpected ‘advantages’ in the age of Covid. Dr. Roy Philip, a neonatologist at University Maternity Hospital Limerick in Ireland. had […]

England has proportionally the most ‘excess deaths’ in Europe. But this does not prove that Britain’s rulers and/or its medical services are to blame for it. These claims are based on misinterpreting the statistics.

31 July 2020 By Paul Martin

Britain has suffered a worse death toll overall in extra deaths during 2020, than any other country in Europe. This finding, by the British government’s Office of National Statistics, has fuelled a wave of alarmist media reports — and most of the media, and of course an array of opponents, have pointed almost-triumphant fingers of […]

Top statistician confirms a world-beating series of reports: children almost never shown to pass on Covid-19 to adults.

31 July 2020 By Paul Martin

Here is an article in the Telegraph that says what we have revealed in a series of reports. This has major implications for schooling. Coronavirus risk for young is ‘staggeringly low’, says UK’s top statistician. Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter also condemns the government’s “embarrassing” handling of Covid-19 ByLaura Donnelly, HEALTH EDITOR 10 May 2020 • 2:46pm

A top psychoanalyst uncovers what happens to Covid-19 patients on respirators, like Laurie Wiseman, and why the effects linger.

29 July 2020 By Paul Martin

By Caroline Garland. Laurie Wiseman had some extraordinary visions. They are visions because they are part-hallucination (a disturbance of perception), part-delusion (a disturbance of belief) and part-dream. The kind of dream in which we try hard to make sense of life, out of the residue of the day and out of ‘the devices and desires […]

Personality of the week.

23 July 2020 By Paul Martin

Daniel Furner, the laywer who won an Appeal Court ruling for Shamima Begum, displays his gritty and occasionally self-deprecating wit. Furner says that when he studied law he “hated every moment” and was determined never to practise it. Yet this week the New Zealander became a renowned figure in British law circles, and in the […]

Only 5 per cent of people in close contact with a Covid-19-infected person actually catch the disease, says new study.

20 July 2020 By Paul Martin

The infectiousness of Covid-19 is surprisingly low, a Harvard University medical scientist has written in a prestigious health publication, the Journal of the American Medical Association. He says the disease will only spread to 3 per cent of health workers who come into prolonged contact with a person who was already infectious with Covid-19. “First, […]